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Housing and Neighborhood Services

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TO ALL INTERESTED AGENCIES, GROUPS, AND PERSONS: This is a 30-day comment period from July 1, 2012 – July 31, 2012


The above named City has completed its citizen participation, community development plan, public notices, and review process.  On June 19, 2012 the City Council, after due citizen participation requirements and publications, have reviewed activities for an expected CDBG and HOME grant entitlement allocation totaling $1,640,883.

Subsequently, the application, certifications, and required documentation will be submitted to HUD on or about August 15, 2012.  The Consolidated Plan, final statement and other appropriated documentation which lists the activities considered by City Council on June 19, 2012 is available to the public regarding the 2012 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and HOME Programs at the address listed above during normal business hours.  Additional information can be obtained by calling (972) 237-8166.

All citizens are encouraged to examine and submit comments regarding the PY12 CDBG and HOME Programs to the street address listed above.  Comments must be received on or before July 31, 2012. Housing and Neighborhood Services of the City is the designated department which operates and provides oversight for the CDBG Program.

Funding Sources

Program Year 2012

10-01-12 to 9-30-13

City of Grand Prairie, Texas USA

CDBG FUNDING SOURCES AVAILABLE:  CDBG Fund Allocation Total: $1,269,897

 HOME FUNDING SOURCES AVAILABLE: PJ Fund Allocation Total:  $370,986

Please note there is no projected program income or returned grant funds anticipated from any sources.











Program Administration


CDBG Program Administration                                                                   $179,550

This includes oversight, management, monitoring and coordination of the CDBG Program.  This pays the full salaries of the CDBG/Neighborhood Services Manager, and support staff.


Indirect Cost                                                                                                   $71,429

This consists of accounting, data processing, audit expenses, and other services provided by other City Departments in support of the CDBG Program.  Allowable costs are provided in the Indirect Cost Allocation Plan.


Fair Housing                                                                                                  $3,000

Provision of fair housing services and counseling is available to all city residents.  The budget supports part of the Fair Housing Officer’s activities.


Rehabilitation, Code and Housing Related


 Code Direct Delivery Inspection Services                                                      $75,000

Code Enforcement – CDBG program is designed to enforce city, state ordinances through the direction of the Code Enforcement Manager while initiating nuisance abatement cases and remove substandard structure that have become blight on the community.  The main objective of Code Enforcement – CDBG is to monitor neighborhoods issuing written notices to property owners/residences requiring the removal of code violations from the area by the best means possible, i.e., voluntary compliance, rehabilitation of substandard structures or the demolition of substandard structures, including nuisance abatement, high weeds grass, trash and debris and junk/inoperable vehicles.


Emergency Repair                                                                                         $33,434

This program provides emergency repairs up to $5,000 for items that happen unexpectedly and without warning that threaten the safety, life, health, or well being of the occupant.


Housing Rehabilitation                                                                                  $167,000

This program provides full rehab assistance up to $25,000 and reconstruction up to $75,000 for citizens 60 years and older or disabled combining CDBG and/or Home Funds.  Liens are filed to protect the City’s investment on single family low/mod owner occupied units.  Depending on income, deferred payment, 0 percent and 3 percent loans are utilized.


Housing Rehabilitation, Reconstruction, Emergency, Homeownership and Direct Delivery Cost                                                                                                  $300,000

Payment of operational expenses for the rehabilitation programs i.e. Housing and Emergency Rehabilitation Program, HOME, BuyinG-Power, and Habitat for Humanities.  This program pays for the salaries of staff positions.



BuyinG-Power Program                                                                                $50,000

The City of Grand Prairie BuyinG-Power Program will help pay initial costs to help qualified low and moderate income citizens purchase a home.  The City will provide $5,000 which can be used towards down payment and/or reasonable closing costs.  The home purchased must be the primary residence of the buyer and located within the city limits of Grand Prairie.


Public Service Activities


Grand Prairie United Charities                                                                                   $35,199

Provide salaries for a Case Manager, Food Pantry Coordinator and Assistant Case Worker to assist Low Income families and water bill payments for clients.  Services provided are food pantry, rent/mortgage, utility assistance (electric, water, gas), etc. for Grand Prairie families in need.


Children First Center                                                                                     $35,199

Funds are used for abuse counseling at a reduced cost.  It makes counseling affordable to qualified low/mod income and presumptive benefactor persons.  This includes counseling and guidance services with a primary focus on child abuse prevention.


Brighter Tomorrows                                                                                      $35,199

Payment of expenses related to the direct operation of a battered women and children shelter.  This includes food, clothing, shelter, emergency transportation, emergency medical care, 24-hour a day crisis intervention, legal assistance in civil and criminal justice systems, educational arrangements for children, support groups, parenting classes, survival skills, and domestic and sex violence counseling.


GP Charlie Taylor/Bowles & Dalworth Day Camps                                                $16,499

After school and day camps are provided Monday – Friday for school age children under the supervision of the Parks and Recreation Department.  This service will be provided to low and moderate income children that reside in the City of Grand Prairie.


Lifeline Shelter for Families                                                                          $35,199

This program was established to address the problem of homelessness in Grand Prairie providing full services to homeless families including shelter, food, clothing, transportation along with educational and employment services.  This funding will be used to offset the salary of the case manager. The focus is on families with children based on students classified as homeless in the Grand Prairie Independent School District.


Grand Prairie Wellness Center                                                                      $28,000

To provide partial funding for a Medical Assistant and a part time Dental Hygienist at the Grand Prairie Wellness Center which assists with medical, dental and chiropractic services to low and moderate income citizens of Grand Prairie.


 Star Group Community Development Corporation                                      $5,190

Star Group Community Development Corporation provides the disenfranchised citizens of Grand Prairie with assistance and the necessary tools to help them change their lives and become productive citizens.


Public Facilities and Improvements


Sidewalks Repair/Replacement                                                                      $200,000

This project will repair concrete sidewalks along streets where children routinely walk to school and in other CDBG Low-Moderate areas.


Highland Street                       Census Tract #160.013                       Budget $100,000

Block #s: 902,906,910,914,918,926,930,934,938,942,946,950,954,905,901,806,810,814,818,822,826,830,834,1002,1006,1010,1014,1018,1022,1026,1030,1034,1038,1042,1046,1050,1054,






Walnut Street              Census Tract #156.001                       Budget $65,000

Block #s: 1501,1505,1509,1513,1517,1521,1525,1529,1533,1537,1625,1662,1658,1705,1709,1713,



Ruea Street     Census Tract #156.001                       Budget $35,000

Block #s: 1706,1710,1714,1718,1722,1726,1814,1818,1822,1817,1813,1809,1805,1801,1725.



HOME Program

Habitat for Humanity                                                                         $65,000

Volunteers, staff and community partners including Habitat for Humanity, GPISD, local churches And service organizations will be involved in constructing houses within the CDBG areas. Estimated four to six projects will be completed to provide affordable housing for low-income families qualified for the program.


Bear Creek Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO)      $27,824

Bear Creek Community Development Corporation’s New Construction, Down Payment Assistance, and Homebuyer Assistance Programs provide assistance to low to moderate income families purchasing a new home.


Grand Prairie

Community Housing Development Organization, Inc.  (CHDO)                $27,824

This organization provides revitalization to Grand Prairie city wide through new construction and lot development for single family units.


 Home Rehabilitations (HRP)/Home Reconstructions                                   $250,338

The rehabilitation and reconstruction program provides deferred payment, 0% and 3% loans up to $75,000 for low and moderate-income homeowners 60 years and older or disabled citizens to rehab single-family homes and is used in conjunction with the CDBG Rehabilitation Program.  Applications are accepted on a first-come first-served basis and rehabs and/or reconstructions are conducted based on need.



William A. Hills, Director

Housing and Neighborhood Services


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