At GPHNS our mission is to provide community service programs designed to meet the needs of the Grand Prairie community and its citizens for housing, healthy and safe neighborhoods, economic development, neighborhood revitalization, in an efficient, timely, courteous and knowledgeable manner. The city’s Housing and Neighborhood Services offers programs designed to assist the low-to-moderate income Grand Prairie residents with safe, affordable housing.  We strive daily to make a difference in the lives of the participating families

Housing Assistance Division

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

The HCV program provides rental assistance to the elderly, disabled, low and very low-income families, as defined by HUD.

crossland_living01Once the family is determined eligible, they are issued a voucher, allowing them to find suitable housing of their choice where the owner/landlord agrees to rent under the program guidelines.

A housing assistance payment contract is executed between the housing agency and the owner/landlord on behalf of the family.  The amount of the assistance to the family is determined based upon the family income and composition.  The family is not allowed to pay more than the amount determined by the housing agency.  The assistance on behalf of the family is paid directly to the owner/landlord.

Multi-Family Inspections
To ensure compliance with the city’s minimum housing code, Housing Enforcement annually performs inspections on multi-family complexes, hotel/motels in Grand Prairie, and conducts Section 8 Housing Quality Standard inspections.

Homeownership Program
The Housing Choice Voucher Homeownership Program allows current Section 8 participants to become first-time homebuyers by using their voucher assistance toward the purchase of a home.

Eligible participants obtain a mortgage based on income, credit and debt.  The home must be either a single family home, or a single dwelling unit in a condominium or cooperative.

Housing Assistance will pay a monthly homeownership assistance payment directly to the lender on behalf of the family.

Fraud Investigations
Fraud investigations develop procedures and manuals for investigating prospective and current participants that are alleged to have violated Housing Quality Standards (HQS).  The Fraud investigators conduct investigations, gather materials, and present results in termination proceedings for drug related and/or violent criminal activity, unauthorized occupancy, unreported income and other HQS violations.

Neighborhood Services Division

The Neighborhood Services Division administers Community Development Block Grant funds (CDBG) designed to provide safe and decent housing for low to moderate income families.

crossland_patioFair Housing
The Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination in housing because of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, familial status or disability.  If you think you have experience housing discrimination you can call our office at (972)237-8171.  We can assist you in completing a housing complaint.

Housing Rehabilitation Program
This program provides full rehab assistance up to $25,000 and reconstruction up to $85,000 for citizens 60 and older or disabled combining CDBG and/or HOME funds.  Liens are filed to protect the City’s investment on single family low to moderate owner-occupied units.  Depending on income, deferred payment, zero percent and three percent loans are used.

Reconstruct Program
This program provides for the reconstruction of qualified homes that are 75% deteriorated owner-occupied units of low and moderate income households.

Buying Power Program
Buying Power will pay initial costs to help qualified low and moderate income citizens purchase a home.  The City will provide up to $5,000, which can be used toward 50% of the down payment and/or reasonable closing costs.  The home purchased must be the primary residence of the buyer and located in Grand Prairie.

Foreclosed Home Purchase Assistance Grant Program (4-Home)
The 4Home program assists qualified low, moderate and middle-income families looking to purchase foreclosed homes in Grand Prairie.  The program provides up to a $20,000 grant to assist qualified buyers with down payment, closing costs and rehabilitation expenses of foreclosed homes in the approved census tract.

Emergency Home Repair
Emergency repairs up to $5,000 using CDBG funds are provided to alleviate health, safety and public welfare conditions.  Emergencies must occur without warning and applicants must be 50% of median area income or below.

Divisions of Housing & Neighborhood Services

Neighborhood Services Division
Contact: Gary Walters, Neighborhood Services Manager

The Community Development Division name has changed to the Neighborhood Services Division. The Neighborhood Services Division of Housing & Neighborhood Services assists citizens with housing rehabilitation, housing reconstruction, emergency repair programs, fair housing issues, and many other community housing issues.

Section 8 Housing Assistance Division
Contact: Esther Coleman, Housing Services Manager

The Section 8 Housing Assistance Division is available to assist low and very low-income families with the rental cost of housing through federal funding and landlord participation.